Happiness in a Box! Send a Thoughtful Care Package for your Friends and Loved ones That’ll Brighten Their Day!

#DoteOn Self-Care

Happiness in a Box! Send a Thoughtful Care Package for your Friends and Loved ones That’ll Brighten Their Day!

Who doesn’t love receiving a box full of exciting stuff? Creating the right care package for a sick friend or for someone near and dear to your heart takes a little time and effort. Dote Gifting’s curated care package edit is a reminder of things that provide them with a much-needed pick-me-up. These ideas will do just that, and best of all you can pick and choose what is most appropriate (that too in your budget).

Everyone deserves a little extra love, and there’s no better way than re-creating an at-home spa with amazing sheet masks and lip oils that hydrate your skin and lips. But that’s not all, one can send other comforting items with this, an elegant robe, a personalised candle with their initials and some foot masks for a full-blown pampering experience. ( You can definitely add in some chocolates too)

One of the simplest ways of making someone who feels sick feel comforted is white making them feel warm and cosy. What’s better than a pair of fresh new pyjamas? A unique and refreshing thought to the usual care packages, pair the PJ’S with honey, Vitamin C, hot cocoa mix, their favourite hot beverage, chocolate chip cookies and an inviting heating pad to help them unwind and relax. It’s truly a warm hug in a hamper.

Feeling under the weather is hard to shake off, especially when you can’t seem to get a good night's rest. The gummy pops by WELLY work wonders! They come in three varieties, Immunity Boosting Gummies, Look Good Gummies and Restful Sleep Gummy Pops. Send this along with some feel-good items which include a box of Jasmine Green Tea, a gorgeous mug to go along with it, healthy snacks like granola bars and maybe some fuzzy warm socks and homemade soup if you can! It’s just a matter of tucking everything inside a box.

A good meal almost always works wonders when it comes to making someone feel better. There’s no better way to pack love into a box, than with food and that too by CAARA. Throw in a few pasta sauces, a packet of their favourite type of pasta, assorted lavash, a packet of buttery popcorn and some truffle sweet potato chips. The more indulgent the better right? Ensure that they have a little bit of everything to eat and snack on while watching their favourite K-DRAMA! Doft Gifting ensures that your care package is brimming with items that will uplift your spirits, and keep you healthy and your stomach happy!